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  1. We must decide on the form of the debate. If the form is to be based in logic or in rhetoric or in chaos/humour then it should only take one form, not mixed.
    1. Logic drives towards proving a truth
    2. Rhetoric drives at persuasion by values
    3. Chaos/ humour is an exercise in entertainment
  2. A subject should be agreed upon and tangents must be mutually agreed.
  3. Each proponent must exercise patience and good nature.
  4. Listening to your opponent creates value in the argument.
  5. Each proponent must suppose that his opponent has a world view that is different from his own and therefore will see all facts from that perspective.
  6. Argument is allowed to be persuasive.
  7. The goal is to understand your opponent’s viewpoint, not necessarily agree with it.
  8. Each proponent speaks for his side and it is the listeners who must decide which one they agree with.
  9. Speaking over the other proponent or interrupting cheapens the debate.
  10. If one speaker goes too long the other one has a right to call time. Time should be mutually agreed.
  11. Debate can be verbal, or by writing, through whatever media is agreed upon.
  12. The debate may be limited by the proponents to the two beginners or they may allow others comment by initial agreement.

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