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Why a Policy?





We affirm that all people have the right to be emotionally and physically safe, respected, and have their views and opinions valued at all times.


Our policy has the following goals:

To minimize the risk of abuse to staff, volunteers and members of the public.

To ensure that all cases of suspected abuse are handled in a consistent and thorough manner.

To ensure that leaders and programs are safe.

To ensure that all people are respected and valued, irrespective of their gender, age, country of origin, cultural heritage, socio-economic background or ability



Safe Leaders: We commit to

  1. Safe recruitment of Leaders: We will screen all prospective staff and volunteers

before they are appointed. We will use the relevant ‘working with children’ type checks where relevant.

2.  Adequate training of leaders: We require that all staff and volunteers attend an

Safe Church Workshop, and ongoing three year refresher workshops.


        3.  Continued on going supervision of leaders: We commit to ongoing leadership

training, supervision and support. All leaders will agree to follow our staff and         volunteers behaviour code.


         4.  Responding to allegations of risk of harm: All leaders will report disclosures or   Suspicions of significant harm in the prescribed manner to the Plenty Valley safe

church  co-ordinator.


Safe Programs

We commit to safe physical and emotional environments. Leaders will exercise a duty of

care through the use of forms, checklists and templates made available by Christian

Outreach Centre. A Safe Church co-ordinator is appointed to ensure fire safety,

building safety, first aid, food safety practices, risk assessment for activities, adequate

supervision for activities, critical incident and emergency protocols.




We commit to:-

  1. Disclosing to Plenty Valley Church if we are or have been investigated for any criminal offences.
  2. Obeying the law.
  3. Not engaging in any form of reportable or non reportable abuse.
  4. Treating others with respect.
  5. Being accountable to our team, and watching out for each other and protecting each other’s integrity.
  6. Confidentiality where requested unless there is an exception where there is a legal obligation or a duty of care issue.
  7. Using words that build up and avoiding words that ridicule or embarrass people.
  8. Being responsible in our use of addictive substances and services (e.g. prescriptions/alcohol).
  9. Not using any prohibited substance.
  10. Acting with financial integrity.


Code Violations


1)      Occasional / minor violations:

This is not a breach of civil or criminal law. These may simply constitute poor judgement or memory lapse. Deal with such matters confidentially.

2)      Unknown violations:

Not all leaders will understand ‘unacceptable’ behaviour. Even after explaining the covenant some may be unaware they are exhibiting unacceptable behaviour.

3)      Constant violations:

These are breaches that are not a breach of civil or criminal law. Where a leader has been made aware of their behaviour and yet refuses to change.

4)      Breaches of the law or allegations of abuse:

These are allegations of abuse or serious misconduct which are to be referred to Plenty Valley Church safe church co-ordinator or the police.



You can log onto the Main COC website and fill in nan event risk assessment form

To do that you need a password so….

Please email Pastor John Matthews on john@pvcoc.org.au   and

Tell him your name and a password that you make up and he will give you a log in URL location so you can use the Main COC Church Book Program to fill in your event risk assessment form.




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